Saturday, 18 July 2015

Lots to do

As you can tell I am not the most prolific blogger!  Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I know not many people read this but to the handful that do here is a bit of an update.

The game is now running in a fairly stable state and largely automated, which allows me to do work on it behind the scenes.  There are still bugs but these are now largely cosmetic and as the basic game is running OK I can work at fixing them as I become aware of them.  If you are playing the game it would be useful if you can email me any time you notice something wrong so I can then fix it.  The game is so complex now that I am not always aware of issues.

I am always keen to get feedback on the game so please do get in touch if you have suggestions, comments or bug reports.

Recently I have added a friendly game feature, so you can play friendlies to experiment with tactics and see how the game works.  This is also quite handy if you are in a league that has not yet started the season.

I am now looking at removing all the inactive teams as there are only about 20 or so teams that are being actively managed.  At the end of this season I will be promoting all active teams to the top 3 or so leagues, so look out for that.

Other ideas are to include injuries, substitutes, disciplinary and more stats in general.

I aim to update this blog more frequently in future too but no promises!