Tuesday, 13 December 2011


The game is now running with most features implemented and it seems to be fairly stable with no major bugs.

So I've started to add a few more little touches and records will be one of them.  The game now keeps a record of each teams record attendance and there is a records screen that shows the record attendance from each team in all the leagues.  As time goes by I will add more records, such as highest score, biggest defeat etc.

This has meant some changes to the main match calculator and a new script to display records and some tweaks to the teams pages to include them, at the moment there's not much to see as the data will be populated over time as each game is played, no data exists for the old games.

I've also been thinking about the end of season scripts - there will be a two week break between seasons while players are aged (they will lose some skill depending on their ages) and fixture lists generated etc.

I'll get promotion and demotion implemented after this season, probably promote the top two teams and demote the bottom two.

Thursday, 8 December 2011


Quite a bit of progress today!

I've fixed a number of minor bugs, including one on the finance screen that showed the wrong balance for the previous week and another cosmetic issue when logging out.

The main progress has been getting all the scripts fully automated.  These will now run on a certain day so the game can progress without any intervention from me.  I don't think there are any bugs that will surface due to this but I will be keeping a close eye on things.

The schedule is:

Daily:  Academy updates re new youth/reserve players
Daily:  Coach reports any new training opportunities
Sunday (15:00):  New auctions begin
Monday (07:30):  Financial updates
Tuesday (12:30):  Academy updates regarding investments
Daily:  Academy updates re new youth/reserve players
Friday (20:00):  Auctions close, players bought
Saturday (15:30): Matches played and results updated

Subject to change of course!

The game is now taking new players for League Three!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Today was a good day and a bad day - I processed the matches for league two for the first time, no major issues apart from goals for and against not being updated.  However, I made a mistake and the matches for league one were processed again.  I've corrected this in the league table but the matches (first week matches) for league one are now overwritten.

Please ignore this if it affects you, the table is correct and that is the main thing.  In future this issue won't occur as the matches will all be processed in one go for all leagues, on a Saturday at 3pm UMT, starting this Saturday.

There's also an issue with the "balance carried forward" total from the previous week on the finances screen, again it's not a major issue as the actual total is correct but for some reason it's adding on the balance carried forward twice, so easy to fix when I get time!

I'm still letting people sign up and register and if you do then you'll go into the pool for League Three, hopefully that can start in a week or two.

Monday, 5 December 2011

League Two

Today was quite a monumental day as we've now got enough users registered to start off the second league, imaginatively named "League Two"!

I've also run the match calculator script for the first league matches as well and it all went fairly smoothly, the only thing that's cropped up is the away teams data is a bit corrupt in the match report but I think that will be easy to fix.

I also ran the finances script and that seems OK too apart from the balance carried forward, although the balance brought forward for the current week is OK so this is only a cosmetic issue.

I'll get the cron scripts automated now and will post the schedule so everyone knows when things are going to happen, it will probably be something like:

Mondays - New auctions begin
Tuesdays - Academy investment results

Friday - Auctions finish
Saturday - League matches
Sunday - Finance updates

Daily - training and academy results.

That means there is something happening almost every day for those who login daily, will add cup matches next season and they'll be on a Wednesday, Sunday is a day of rest!


Thursday, 1 December 2011


I've been working on making the training of players more realistic and interesting today.

For a start all teams now have a coach, the ability of the coach will affect how often you can train players and how effective the training will be.

Coaches will be pretty poor to begin with but you can hire better coaches through the auction and I may also allow coaches to be trained, or they may just get better with experience.

There's a script that runs daily at 4:30pm (GMT) that will work out if the coach has been successful and if so the team will get a news item to let them know that they can train a player.

I've also made the training screen more user friendly.