Monday, 5 December 2011

League Two

Today was quite a monumental day as we've now got enough users registered to start off the second league, imaginatively named "League Two"!

I've also run the match calculator script for the first league matches as well and it all went fairly smoothly, the only thing that's cropped up is the away teams data is a bit corrupt in the match report but I think that will be easy to fix.

I also ran the finances script and that seems OK too apart from the balance carried forward, although the balance brought forward for the current week is OK so this is only a cosmetic issue.

I'll get the cron scripts automated now and will post the schedule so everyone knows when things are going to happen, it will probably be something like:

Mondays - New auctions begin
Tuesdays - Academy investment results

Friday - Auctions finish
Saturday - League matches
Sunday - Finance updates

Daily - training and academy results.

That means there is something happening almost every day for those who login daily, will add cup matches next season and they'll be on a Wednesday, Sunday is a day of rest!


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