Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Today was a good day and a bad day - I processed the matches for league two for the first time, no major issues apart from goals for and against not being updated.  However, I made a mistake and the matches for league one were processed again.  I've corrected this in the league table but the matches (first week matches) for league one are now overwritten.

Please ignore this if it affects you, the table is correct and that is the main thing.  In future this issue won't occur as the matches will all be processed in one go for all leagues, on a Saturday at 3pm UMT, starting this Saturday.

There's also an issue with the "balance carried forward" total from the previous week on the finances screen, again it's not a major issue as the actual total is correct but for some reason it's adding on the balance carried forward twice, so easy to fix when I get time!

I'm still letting people sign up and register and if you do then you'll go into the pool for League Three, hopefully that can start in a week or two.

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