Tuesday, 13 December 2011


The game is now running with most features implemented and it seems to be fairly stable with no major bugs.

So I've started to add a few more little touches and records will be one of them.  The game now keeps a record of each teams record attendance and there is a records screen that shows the record attendance from each team in all the leagues.  As time goes by I will add more records, such as highest score, biggest defeat etc.

This has meant some changes to the main match calculator and a new script to display records and some tweaks to the teams pages to include them, at the moment there's not much to see as the data will be populated over time as each game is played, no data exists for the old games.

I've also been thinking about the end of season scripts - there will be a two week break between seasons while players are aged (they will lose some skill depending on their ages) and fixture lists generated etc.

I'll get promotion and demotion implemented after this season, probably promote the top two teams and demote the bottom two.

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