Thursday, 8 December 2011


Quite a bit of progress today!

I've fixed a number of minor bugs, including one on the finance screen that showed the wrong balance for the previous week and another cosmetic issue when logging out.

The main progress has been getting all the scripts fully automated.  These will now run on a certain day so the game can progress without any intervention from me.  I don't think there are any bugs that will surface due to this but I will be keeping a close eye on things.

The schedule is:

Daily:  Academy updates re new youth/reserve players
Daily:  Coach reports any new training opportunities
Sunday (15:00):  New auctions begin
Monday (07:30):  Financial updates
Tuesday (12:30):  Academy updates regarding investments
Daily:  Academy updates re new youth/reserve players
Friday (20:00):  Auctions close, players bought
Saturday (15:30): Matches played and results updated

Subject to change of course!

The game is now taking new players for League Three!

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